Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She's Not Pregnant

Forrest and I were in Rockport this past weekend. We enjoyed time at the pool, great seafood, and a nice sunset boat ride. Saturday night we decided to eat out at the Boiling Pot! As we were waiting for our table, two men sitting at a table by the hostess stand made a comment about the spicy food saying, "I hope the baby can handle this spice!" Forrest (as though he had been waiting to say this to someone for a long time) said, "She's not pregnant!" The man's face dropped from a smile to a horrified open mouth! I immediately put the smile back on that man's face by reassuring him I am pregnant and not some crazy beer gut lady! Hilarious! We then sat down to enjoy our delicious shrimp and crab (no crawfish this time!!!!) meal and had fun writing potential baby names on the paper tablecloths!

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