Monday, October 22, 2012

Back that post up...

Can we just talk about Davis' first hair cut for a second? I will admit my posts have been scarce so I'm backtracking. When Davis got his first hair cut, I quickly wanted to make sure and document it on the blog and share photos, but that's all I had time for...

I seriously cannot believe he's THREE YEARS OLD and just now getting his first hair cut. We had our moments in the past year or two when we thought about it. There were moments it was out of control and there was an occasional "rat tail" showing, but we decided to let him be a hippie for a while.

The summer was rough on his golden locks. Sun, sand, sunscreen, and chlorine all did a number on his hair and it was time. Let's be honest though, if it weren't for Brandon's wedding, we probably would have let it go another couple of months.

He was an absolute champ about the whole process. Give a kid a lollipop and he'll do anything for you! He loved Cuts for Kids, they do an excellent job of charging you twice the price of a normal hair cut so that you can watch a special movie and sit in a special seat.

Making friends with the hair cut shark! 

They styled him after the Three Stooges!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another year, another tri!

Fall is kinda the wrap up of triathlon season for me. I'm not one to swim in the cold, let alone jump on a bike soaking wet and pedal through 50 degree winds. Last year, we signed up for a fall triathlon in Kerrville and we had a blast, so we signed up again this year. And this year, we got even MORE people to sign up with us!

This past season for me has been an interesting one, I keep signing up for the races at the very last second. For this one, it was the week before. This means I haven't been seriously training and I've been spending a lot of money on triathlons because waiting till the last minute is expensive!

Weather man, weather man, you done me wrong! The forecast for our weekend triathlon was 100% flash flooding. Cancel the race? Of course they didn't. So we packed up our gear (a lot of gear), cozied up under our rain coats, draped our bikes in trash bags, and went out for an Italian feast the night before...convinced we would maybe be running a 5k in the morning...but for sure not doing a full triathlon.

At 5am, we all received an email letting us know the race was still on! What? We turned on the news and sure enough, there was a blanket of heavy rain throughout the entire state of Texas, with one tiny little hole around Kerrville. Completely clear. You have got to be kidding me! So we headed to the race.

In the end, rain or shine, we had so much fun. We always do! To sum it up...I remember passing my dad while swimming, then somewhere along the way he passed me on the bike, I saw Renee, Robert, and Rusty all running, I caught up with my dad on the run and we decided to stick together and cross the finish line together, Ann Marie caught up with us too!

Davis had a blast too, cheering us on with his loud cow bell and meeting H-E-Buddy at the finish line!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Forrest!

Forrest turned the big 3-1 on Friday and we celebrated with a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, lattes, presents, and Thompson birthday cake! This was all done one hour before taking Davis to school. Cake for breakfast! What a whirlwind of a great morning! 

At Davis' school they sing Happy Birthday and then do an extra verse with the words, "God bless you today." He was singing for his daddy all morning.

"Daddy, your card says: Happy birthday, God bless you."

Singing Happy Birthday to you! 

Davis blew out the candles and found it to be quite funny!

Cousin Eva and Aunt Mary stopped in for a visit too!
I'm pretty sure we sent him to school with chocolate in his hair!