Wednesday, September 25, 2013

27 Weeks

And there you have it, the bump at 27 weeks. To be accurate, I'm 30 weeks today! We were on our way out the door for a wedding shower and I realized my hair was fixed, my makeup was on, and I was not in workout clothes - so I snapped a quick photo.

The second trimester has come to an end. Good-bye energy and normal looking ankles.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Taking after his mama!

There's a couple things I like to take credit for...Davis' olive skin tone, his compassion towards others, his teacher's-pet qualities, and his soccer skills!!

Back in the day I loved soccer. For the most part, the ball stayed on the ground and there was plenty of room between me and the other girls. I'm just not a huge fan of large bouncing basketballs or fast flying softballs. Plus it was the one sport that offered more protection than others...thank goodness for shinguards! Lucky for me, I never went to a massive competitive school, anyone who signed up for soccer made the team...Varsity team in fact. We didn't have enough girls to make two teams! Enough about me and my mad (hope you're sensing the sarcasm here) skills...moving onto the real reason you're here, Davis!

Our first official soccer practice was last week. There are no words to describe his excitement. We bought the cleats, the socks, and the shinguards. And ever since our first practice he's been asking when he gets to play again!