Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Turning 4 is FUN!

My sweet tiny little baby boy (I gotta get that in there while I still can) just turned 4 last Saturday! I asked him how it feels to be 4 and he said he still feels 3, but already knows what kind of cake he wants when he turns 5. These are the important things in life. 

We had another pool party this year and it was all things sports themed for our very active boy!

Davis in action!

Miss Molly

Cousin Clark

Blowing out the candle!

Kids sitting quietly, in awe of sugar! 
Time for presents!

A new watch!

Check out those skateboard skills!

Pump me up!

The ultimate water-gun!

My mom, grandmother, and sister.

Eating the last bite of cake!

We got Davis a new bike for his birthday and he rode it like a champ all day long! He thinks the orange is "sooo cool" and our neighbors gave him an awesome blue string of lights to wrap around the bike bars. He's all set!

My best friend Kelly came in town to help celebrate Davis' birthday, so we made a weekend out of it with brunch the next morning for my birthday. We went to Anne Marie's Carriage House in the Botanical Gardens. I had never been or even heard of it, but found it on Yelp. It was quaint, off the beaten path, and delicious.

We don't need to capture my age with a candle anymore.
It can just say "OMG"

That look......

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20 Weeks

This pregnancy seems to be flying by, well, at least it does now - now that I'm enjoying the 2nd trimester. But let me tell you, weeks 6-10 were hell.

With Davis, I barely felt pregnant. In fact, it was hard for me to believe I was pregnant in the beginning. This time around, the day my phone app dinged and told me I was 6 weeks was the start of 4 terrible weeks. I never physically got sick, I guess I'm thankful for that. But I literally laid on my couch all day with my computer in my lap and I couldn't seem to eat anything but carbs - bagels, toast, potatoes, noodles, and repeat - carbs carbs carbs and more carbs! I was carb loading and unfortunately wasn't running a marathon the next day to burn it all off!

My sweet mom cooked Forrest a ton of meals that I would just set on the counter each day to defrost in time for dinner. I couldn't even open the fridge, the smell was too intense.

Once the morning sickness started to wear off, it was replaced by a whole new pregnancy symptom, headaches! I don't care what caused them...allergies, hormones, etc. I just wanted them to go away. The only thing that seemed to cure the really bad ones was laying in a dark, cool room and sleeping it off for an hour or two.

Enough complaining from me, I just wanted to remember (as I type that, I'm not really sure WHY I want to remember) the first half of this pregnancy in all it's glory and pain. Of course, I would do it over and over again for this baby girl and maybe I should be thanking her for allowing me to eat as many carbs as I wanted. Who doesn't love bread?

I'm not a big baby bump picture taker...and for good reason, I spend most of my day in workout clothes and rarely do my hair and makeup...but I did want to mark the half-way point! So here ya go, a baby bump picture after spin class today:

Baby Bump at 20 Weeks

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby T2 is a GIRL!

You know that special moment in a movie where the dad comes out into the waiting room and gladly announces, "It's a boy!" and the entire family jumps up, cigars in hand, ready to celebrate? It's a great moment, for the movies. But this is not a movie and I am not one to wait 40 weeks to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm sure it's a fun surprise, but it's just as fun around 18 weeks! I'm a major planner and shopper so finding out early suits us. 

Forrest and I had so much fun at our 18 week sono...counting toes, looking at her spine, and seeing our baby girl move. Of course, during the sono, we still didn't know Baby T2 was a girl. We asked the technician to keep it a secret and write down the baby's gender in a sealed envelope. I left the doctor's office (really tempted to open the envelope) and went straight to my friend's house to drop off the pinata, the envelope, one bag full of blue goodies, and one bag full of pink goodies. Our friends, Leslie and Brent gladly stuffed the 4th of July pinata with the pink goodies and GLUED the pinata shut. No peaking for us! 

The next day was 4th of July, so we busted open the pinata to find pink starbursts and lots of pink streamers.

Davis determined to get the candy!

Reading name suggestions from the family

Our first baby girl outfit!

My dad picked it out

After celebrating the 4th, Forrest had to drive home for work. He went straight to his parents house to invite them to dinner later that weekend so we could surprise them with the good news. Unfortunately, Forrest had forgotten to take off a tiny pink sticker that said "it's a girl." Oops. 

The weekend after the 4th, we were in Rockport with all of Forrest's family. I made 40 tiny little pink cupcakes and covered them with icing. The entire family unwrapped the cupcakes at the same time to reveal IT'S A GIRL! 

We really had so much fun revealing the exciting news...as you can see!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love July, BBQ, fireworks, floating in the lake, the smell of sunscreen, and being with family and friends. 

This year we were in Austin on Lake Travis with my mom's side of the family for a little Independence Day celebrating. It started off with a fun surprise pinata (more on that later), making Grandma Baird's homemade vanilla ice cream, and ended with a lot of swimming (in a lake that is quickly disappearing - we need a monsoon). 

Keeping the ice cream going with cups of ice! 
Finished product, oh so delicious!

Heading down down down down to the lake, with a golf club!
Davis loves to hit golf balls into the lake.
The 4th was complete with views of fireworks from the back porch. Every direction we looked, fireworks were going off. We stayed up late, sitting in the dark, enjoying the bright lights. Happy birthday America!