Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yummy Nummy Nummy

Rice cereal is so yesterday! Davis had his first taste of real food and saying he loved it is a huge understatement. I made butternut squash and I had to use my finger to get the last possible lick for him. We video-tapped the entire feeding, so of course we didn't get any still shots. I'll work on getting one this week. He was absolutely covered, head to toe, ears, and forehead in butternut squash by the end of lunch. Our baths every-other-night are now going to be a nightly activity. We are going to keep with the butternut squash for the rest of this week and then move on to something else. Stay tuned to find out what's next!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Texas Snow

Texas has seen more snow this winter than I can remember. Dallas and Austin have both enjoyed a winter wonderland. What did San Antonio get? We got about 5 minutes of snow and a lot of slush! With everyone's SNOW posts, I thought I would make one too, so here it is:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hi Dad

Davis' FIRST words. He skipped over just saying a first word...we are putting sentences together. I'll admit it, he probably has no clue what he's saying. But I can't help but think my child is pure genius! He's been making these sounds for about two months and finally we were able to catch it on camera.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Wagon

I'm sure you all remember you're little red wagon? A red wagon is a staple item for any child. I remember ours. It was a metal red wagon with a black handle. I used to sell Girl Scout Cookies to all the neighbors, pulling the cookies behind me in my wagon. Well Davis has a wagon too! Nana and Pop gave it to him for Christmas and we decided to try it out this weekend. Sunday was the most beautiful day, it was sunny and 75! I think we spent the entire day outside. While Daddy washed the cars, Davis and I played in the driveway. Because he's now sitting up on his own (oops, meant to post that milestone about a month ago), I strapped him into his wagon. He loved it! His wagon is a little more advanced and child-friendly than the one I had. His is plastic, with seats, cup-holders, and a door!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I couldn't believe my eyes when I got an email about open registration for the Cap Tex and Danskin triathlons. Already? Yikes, time to hit the pool and pavement. The Cap Tex is on Memorial Day again this year and it happens to be the weekend before Danskin. I had to pick one. Two triathlons in one week would be a bit much this year. The majority vote this year is for Cap Tex. I can't believe how many people are joining in the fun and it makes me so excited!!! I can name at least 10 people I know who will be racing (or panting, in my case), right along side me! Let's admit it, how much time will I really have to train? Finding the time to work out an hour a day is hard enough, let alone two hours! At least it will be fun and always a great way to help raise money for the Mark Felice Childhood Cancer Fund! Last year I was the preggo cheer-squad so I'm anxious to get back into the racing!

Check out my sister, Ann Marie's blog about our triathlon efforts:

She talks about her training group, triathlon gear, how to sign up, what triathlons are out there, how to help us raise money, and gives great encouragement to those that don't even own a sports bra, but are ready to try something NEW!

It was just us 4 for the Danskin 2008...
And now we're all hooked!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Big D

Davis took his first flight this past weekend. We didn't go too far, just an hour plane ride to Dallas. Because it was his first flight and I was going without Forrest, I was super nervous. So I decided to do a little online research on how best to prepare for flying with a 6 month old. Here's what I found and wanted to share:

Staying Sane:
1) Take lipstick and a small mirror in your hand luggage - if you're having a bad time, take two minutes and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror
2) Be prepared to lose stuff (and don't fuss if you do)
3) Keep smiling at the baby
4) Ignore rude people
What to Wear:
1) Dress your child in distinctive clothing to avoid losing him in the crowds
2) Wear discrete nursing clothes
3) Go for comfort and forget about style
4) Wear spunky clothes and big dark glasses so that the other passengers think you are someone famous
So to sum it up, I will be wearing a crazy outfit with big sunglasses while carrying a child in neon green and giving myself pep talks in my little makeup mirror!
All in all, it was a great trip. I think we had more problems with security than the actual flight. I had to walk Davis through with me, so with him in one arm, I used the other to unlock and fold his car seat and stroller for the x-ray machine. People tried to help me, but those strollers are tricky. I'm glad we bought one that was easy to fold with one arm and a swift kick of the foot. We walked through the metal detector one too many times. His pacifier clip set it off, my five bracelets (that I wore as entertainment for Davis) set if off, and then...of course...they made me take off Davis' shoes!
While on the plane, there was plenty to do. He loved people watching and looking out the window. He quietly set in my lap the entire flight playing with different toys. Here he is sitting all by himself on the plane, such a big boy:

When we arrived in Dallas, Cara and Courtney picked us up from the airport and we headed straight to Erin's house. She just had her second baby, little man Cullen. His older sister Claire was napping, but when she woke up Davis and I were invited to play in her PINK kitchen. We made pizza, grilled some veggies on the stove, enjoyed a steak and fish sandwich and had cake and cupcakes for dessert.

Dallas was a winter-wonderland. It was Davis' first time to see snow, and a ton of it! Dallas was covered in snow for a couple of days last week and we caught the tail end of it. All the kids had stayed home from school and everyone's yard had a snowman! Living in Texas, we aren't always prepared for this kind of weather so of course power lines were out and many of the schools were shut down. We were glad we were able to fly in!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Rodeo San Antonio

This past weekend we went to the San Antonio Rodeo. We didn't go see the show or the concert, we just walked around the rodeo grounds. We had a blast! We ate carnival food, saw all the animals (Davis especially loved the cows), watched the pig races, and enjoyed being outside on a beautiful sunny day (the first sunny day in a loooong time).

Friday, February 5, 2010

And the Dr said...No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Choose your pediatrician wisely, you will be seeing them very very often. We went in our for 6 month well visit today. Davis weighs 16 pounds 1 ounce and he's 26 inches long. Unfortunately we discovered he has an ear infection (which explains the 2am screaming last night) and of course we had to endure another round of shots. Sigh. We are home now and he's taking a peaceful nap. As I've said before, I always learn so much at these appointments. Today I learned that by Davis transferring items from one hand to the other, it means he is using his right and left brain. Davis isn't quite sitting up on his own yet and we may have realized why. He has lose joints! Who would have known? Apparently it just means learning to balance on his own might take longer, but in the end he might turn out to be a gold medal Olympic swimmer (set the bar high, right?)! Lose joints lead to successful swimmers and gymnasts. I'll be sure to sign him up at the pool. My little triathlete in the making!