Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Party Hats

Over the weekend we celebrated my Dad's birthday (again) with a masssssive Italian feast and tons of party hats! Hats? Yes, my Dad has a collection of hats from around the world and so we decided to have people dress as my Dad and wear their hats! People came dressed in all different "Tom - themes" from IBM, triathlons, polos, and softball uniforms to plaid shorts and the marines. Our garage was filled with family and friends, pasta galore, a DJ, and lots of cute little Italian flags.

Kelly and Collin came.
Unfortunately, I got this picture after Collin changed.
He wore his wet-suit in honor of my Dad's triathlon last year. Hilarious!!!!

The Balancing Act...Started with this Cane

And went on to this BIKE! Haha
Uncle Mike and Forrest thought it would be funny to ride around in Davis' jogging stroller. I, on the other hand, didn't find it as funny. But in the end, no worries, the BOB survived.
Good to know it can hold.
Davis was sound asleep upstairs! What a good little man!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Tastes

Did you stay tuned? Ha! Well we have really been moving and grooving since the introduction of butternut squash. We stuck with it for a while, mainly because I didn't realize how many servings just one butternut squash could make for a little 7 month old. It lasted us a couple weeks! But now we are on to so many other new tastes like apples, pears, carrots, regular squash, and sweet potatoes. Davis is drinking apple juice (diluted) and water. He isn't quite grasping the sippy cup yet, but funny enough he enjoys drinking out of my cycling water bottle.

I really do enjoy making his food and it's super easy with the Baby Cook equipment from Williams Sonoma. I usually spend an hour on Sunday making a couple different courses and freeze them for the week. That's it! This way I know what's in it, no added sugar or preservatives.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rah-Rah Grace and Asher

Davis' cousins Grace and Asher came over to play the other day before Grace's cheerleader show (hence the rah-rah). It was a gorgeous sunny day so we decided to play outside. They pushed Davis around in his Bob and loaded him up with some toys. Can we say he was entertained? I think so!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trail Rides

Davis wants to be just like Papa (his great-grandpa Dickson) and go on trail rides one day with the Vaqueros! So I took him on his own mini-trail ride through our backyard. We laughed as Duke ran around like a crazy dog, chasing stick after stick. We tried on our Aggie hat! And we also threw our ball.

And today, St Patrick's Day, happens to be Duke's birthday!
Happy Birthday Duke!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Afternoon in Gruene

Happy Birthday Dad! We met my parents, Ann Marie, Grandma, and Uncle Jerry in Gruene a couple weekends ago to help my Dad celebrate his birthday. I love Gruene! It's a great meeting spot between San Antonio and Austin and it's perfect entertainment for a Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed walking around town, it was a beautiful sunny day, and did a little shopping. Forrest and my Dad love this one fishing store there. We always go in, talk to the owners, and visit with their precious lab. Usually we have Duke with us so the two pups can play, but we left Duke at home this time. We stopped in for some live music at Gruene Hall (the oldest dance hall in Texas) and Davis got to have his first official two-step with Annie (my Mom). Then we went and ate at the Gruene Grill. Delicious! I had fish tacos and Davis had butternut squash. Davis also got to see his first official Birthday celebration with candles, singing, and all. I think he was a bit scared from all the commotion.

Papa Tom, Annie, and Davis chilling at Gruene Hall...

Davis wasn't sure what was going on...the candles were lit and we were gearing up to sing. Uncle Jerry even pulled out his harmonica. I think Davis was a little nervous, check out his grip on my Dad's arm. Too cute!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Years

Forrest and I have been married 2 years. We celebrated our anniversary this past weekend with a night out in Austin while my parents watched Davis.

We stayed at the Mansion on Judges Hill...

Met up with some of my wonderful high school friends and their husbands...

And ended the night with s'mores...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He's My Lobster

Thanks sweet Lauren for this adorable Lobster towel!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

MS 150

On April 17th my Mom will be biking the MS 150. The BP MS 150 is a two-day fundraising bike ride from Houston to Austin organized by the National MS Society. It's the largest non-profit event of its kind in North America with more than 13,000 registered cyclists, 3,000 volunteers, and countless supporters and spectators. In 2009, the ride raised $17 million for MS research and services for persons living with MS. Join the movement and move others April 17 – 18, 2010.

I am truly proud of her and all her training. Every weekend she rides. This past weekend it was 66 miles!!

My Mom has actually REACHED her goal of $1,000, raising $1,635!!!! If you are interested in making a contribution, you can visit my Dad's cousin's site.

Take a look: