Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bright Lights = Happy Baby

This is one of my favorite pictures! Ann Marie came to visit and was helping calm Davis. They were bonding...looking at the light!

Davis Goes Fishing

We took Davis to Rockport over Labor Day Weekend. This is a HUGE deal for us. My family and Forrest's family have been going to Rockport since before both of us were born. Our moms both vacationed in Rockport while pregnant with us. Every summer memory for us involves fishing, swimming, and eating trout. Forrest and I are still trying to figure out how we NEVER met in Rockport. It's not like it's a big town. Nevertheless, I'm sure our paths did cross.

Davis' first visit to Rockport wasn't exactly boat rides, fishing, and hours in the sun. He never left the condo! He was only 6 weeks, so he can't really be out in the sun and I was worried about the mosquitoes. You should have seen the whelps on Ann Marie!!! Luckily it was boat rides, fishing, and hours in the sun for Forrest and I. Aunt Dede and Uncle Mike were also down there (so were Claire and Michael) and they insisted on watching Davis while Forrest and I canal hopped and went to the beach. It was a wonderful break!

When we arrived at the condo, Dede had decorated it with balloons, streamers, and a welcome sign for Davis. Michael had picked out a fishing pole for Davis and put together his first REAL tackle box. We didn't really bring a ton of toys for our 6 week old, so Dede and Mike made a mobile out of phone chargers hanging from the ceiling fan. They tied the toys we did bring to the chargers. It was hilarious!
Welcome to Rockport!
Gotta have the right shoes!
Nap time with Great Uncle Mike!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Divided

You can Gig'em and you can Hook'em...

Forrest and I are both Aggies. Forrest actually comes from a very very long line of family Aggies (want to point out his Mom, Pattie, is a Longhorn). For me, it's a different story. I come from a long line of Longhorns and was raised singing the Eyes of Texas (and the Marine Corps Hymn, but that's another story for another day). As a result, I am a 2%er. It's probably frowned upon, but when I refer to either team, I say "we." At the big Thanksgiving game, I manage to wear a little maroon and a little burnt orange. And recently, it's been difficult, let's be honest, to cheer for the Aggies. I can't even find their football games on TV. Forrest is a little more committed than me and is not a fan of the "tu" picture below.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Hands!

First of all, I need to apologize. I have not been keeping up with my blog as often as I would like. Davis keeps me pretty tied up. If I'm not feeding, burping, rocking, or changing him I usually find myself holding him when he is asleep. The boy is too precious to put down, plus the minute I put him down his eyes usually pop wide open! His nap time is supposed to be my free time -- time to catch up on household things like dishes, laundry and time to check email. Let me refrain, checking email is easy because it only requires one hand, but responding to emails is impossible. I don't enjoy typing with one hand. Today is a first, I have two hands. The Baby Bjorn is to thank!

Davis is 7 weeks old and changing everyday. He's starting to react to sounds, people's expressions, toys, etc. His eyes will focus on you and he loves to hear his noises repeated. I'm in Austin this week, missing Forrest, but really enjoying the company and help from my parents. My parents love having Davis and are eager for me to leave the house so they can watch him. I love it too -- I'm getting more sleep and have more free time to hang out with friends. The best is when my mom comes in to get Davis around 5 or 6am, allowing me to sleep till about 9am. I'm usually a morning person, I can't stand sleeping in past 8am, but this will have to be an exception.

I can't seem to find my camera cord to download pictures, but I promise when I do, I have updates about Davis' first trip to Rockport! He didn't leave the condo, but we still made it a memorable trip!