Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bucket List: Triathlon

Memorial Day 2009 will be a day to remember. History was made! My dad, Forrest, Kelly, Brandon, Matt, and Jaki all completed the Cap Tex triathlon. And they are all still alive!!!

Sunday, the day before the race, was a big day gathering all the gear, dropping off bikes at the race site, and loading up on carbs. It was early to bed and super early to rise! My mom and sister volunteered to 'body mark' the triathletes so they were up at the race site at 5:30am! Every triathlete has to have their numbers written in permanent marker on their bodies and their age written on their calves. This way they can identify you for disqualification, pictures, and of course in case they find you at the bottom of the lake! I was in charge of getting Forrest and my dad up, fed, and out the door.

The race took place right in the heart of downtown Austin. The half a mile swim started in town lake (Lady Bird Lake), a chilly start. Then they biked 12.5 miles down Congress towards the capital. They each came across the finish line a little exhausted, but happy, after running 3 miles.

These 6 triathletes were surrounded by supporters and felt the love! Our cheer group alone had about 20 people, all in our matching Mark Felice Childhood Cancer t-shirts. With our matching shirts, people thought we were official and were asking us all sorts of questions. Sorry, I don't know where that is and no, I have no clue what time the transition areas open up. It was such a HOT day! I know the triathletes worked hard, but we were running all over the place trying to get the perfect spot to cheer each of them on... also hard work. Because they each started at different times, it was a game of timing each one of them and guessing where they should be along the race. I was worn out by the time Forrest crossed the finish line. It was time to find shade and take a break.

These pictures are a bit backwards...

Forrest and Dad after crossing the finish line!

Me and Kel celebrating her race!
Part of the cheer squad!
Dad getting ready for the 12.5 mile bike ride!
Semper Tri!

Before the race and before the heat!

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Courtney Squillante said...

Cute cute pics! You need to frame the one of you kissing Forrest! That is adorable!