Tuesday, January 25, 2011

18 Months

This month Davis will be 18 months! We had his 'well' check-up this morning. I say 'well' because the poor little boy is sick. He's had cold after cold since Christmas and on top of that, an ear infection! But you wouldn't really know it, he still eats, sleeps, and plays like a champ. He's 24 lbs 2 oz and 31 and 3/4 inches. Growing!

One of our favorite things Davis does is answer "yeah" to every question. Do you want to go to timeout? Yeah. Here's a clip of our morning convo...you can tell from his eyes he's not feeling too great.

All About A Ball from Christina Thompson on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wrapping up 2010

Davis was TERRIFIED of Santa this year. Understandably, the jolly old soul is a stranger in a massive red suit and huge white beard. I don't think Davis has ever seen someone with a beard before! We tried twice, once with Santa at the mall (those teary-eyed pictures turned out not-so-well, but we ordered the package anyways) and again with my dad as Santa. I was hoping that a familiar voice would help, but he was still timid...as you can tell by the picture!

All of the kids took their turn sitting on Santa's lap and receiving one gift! Davis eventually warmed up to the idea and graciously took his new laptop! As you can also tell by the picture, my son had a slight black eye over the holidays and a nice wallop on his forehead. I'm still getting used to the "normal" bumps and bruises little boys are supposed to get. Do little girls get these too?

Christmas eve and morning were spent in Austin with the Francese side of the family. We all went to mass together (of course we didn't sit together, the crowds were crazy and apparently getting there an hour early didn't help). Dinner that night was delizioso! My mom made stuffed flounder and perogies! Preceded my massive amounts of antipasti and followed by Christmas cookies galore!

Christmas Morning!
Note most of the ornaments are NOT at the bottom of the tree!

We spent the weekend before Christmas with the Seger's (Forrest's mom's side) at the ranch and also spent New Year's weekend out there with the Thompson's, but somehow we managed to forget our camera both times! Davis absolutely craves being outside, so a ranch is just the ticket for him. He basically runs around picking up sticks, throwing rocks, and making his presence known with his "manly" grunts. Such a boy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Mail

Wishing you a slightly belated Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

My apologies to my loyal readers (if there are any), I have been super busy lately. Let me fill you in...I had some time off after Christmas and spent every minute with Davis! Because I work from a computer all day, checking email, blogging, face-booking, etc were out of the question for me that week.

As a side note, if you email me on a weekend, I usually don't get it till Monday. I typically stay away from the keyboard on weekends.

Now back to filling you in...Christmas was a whirlwind of traveling. Luckily, all trips were a quick drive (Austin, Houston, and Seguin) but as you with kids (or dogs) know, even an overnight trip requires thought and lotsa bags! I find myself sacrificing the items I would usually take on a trip for myself (hang up clothes, hair dryer, extra fun pair of shoes) just so that it seems like we are taking less. I will plan to take clothes that don't wrinkle, see if there is a hair dryer at the destination instead (missing my chi shine for the weekend), and try to pack clothes that all match one pair of shoes (this makes me think of my friend Watty, shoe queen, she's probably gasping at the horror, haha). Boring. I know.

But you see, there has to be room for Duke in the backseat and I would prefer not to have dog hair on my hang up clothes. And then there's the normal stroller, the Bob stroller, the pack 'n play, the bag of toys, the food/snack travel bag, the medicine bag (just in case we find ourselves with a sick kiddo), and of course Davis' clothes! Don't forget his big items that might be fun to have...which I won't go into, but these are items like the wagon and Cozy Coup.

The craziness that is our lives didn't stop after the clock struck midnight the last night of 2010 (by the way, we were asleep). IBM (FYI, where I work, ha) has a big event at the end of February to kick off the year with a trip to Vegas. I am responsible for sessions, demos, social media, customer videos, etc. It's a big project and has been consuming 95% of my time. The calendar for this year is starting to fill up, a bit overwhelming, but very exciting. There are weddings and baby showers and hopefully some fun trips in our near future.

While I work on uploading the bazilllliiooon pictures from Christmas, I will leave you with one of the many different Christmas cards we sent out. Here's a tip: Don't buy end of the year Christmas cards. I know they are on sale and you think you are saving money. But really you are just creating a lot of work for yourself.

P.S. I might get better at checking facebook and emails on the weekends because Santa brought me an iPhone!

Friday, January 7, 2011

You're What????

The pictures tell the story well, but I will help out a bit. Over Thanksgiving, Kelly and I met up at a tailgate for the A&M - UT game. Little did I know, I was about to hear some very exciting news about the upcoming arrival of Baby Baker, but I thought we were just taking a picture!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


My cousin Renee got engaged right before the holidays! Celebrating and talking wedding plans was so much fun over Christmas. Here's to the future Mr. and Mrs. Bain, wooohooo!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tree of Lights

Every Christmas, Austin Zilker Park puts up the Tree of Lights (a Christmas tree made of lights, just in case). It's huge! It's been a Francese cousin tradition to go to the tree together, drink hot chocolate, and spin around under the tree till we fall down! This was Davis' first year to go and words cannot describe his excitement. For someone who loves being outside, loves lights, and loves puppies (people can bring their dogs)...this was his scene for sure!

Looking up...and up...and up