Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

We absolutely love birthdays around here so singing Happy Birthday to America and celebrating with fireworks was a huge hit with Davis. He woke up on July 5th asking to see the fireworks again!

We were in Rockport this year for the holiday week. Sadly, Forrest had to stay home and work. The Francese family was there and we celebrated in style...tye dye! Every year for the 4th, the same families stay in Rockport. We spend the day prepping food and laying by the pool. By dinner time, we all gather on the lawn to give thanks for our freedom and pray for those serving. This year we had an Italian feast! After all, we are Italian-Americans. With our tummies full, we board our fishing boats and head to the ski basin, tie up, blast the 4th of July music, and watch the fireworks. 

What did you put on my head? 
Proud Americans

No more pictures please!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water Fun and Sesame Street

My mom took Davis to SeaWorld a couple weeks ago and they had so much fun cooling off in the Bay of Play and meeting all the characters from Sesame Street! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Molly Turned One!

Dear Miss Molly - 

You turned one and this is how we celebrated...
Swimming! A pool just my size! 
Bouncy ball, bubbles, and sprinklers! 
Ice Cream! 
I don't remember what you ordered because I couldn't take my eyes off my ice cream selection!
You didn't want to wear your party hat! 
Alex and I opened all your gifts. You got some really cool stuff, I especially loved the drum!
You got the biggest piece of cake and I had to wait till you finished to get a slice. We are going to practice getting a little faster for next year. 
Alex and I watched golf! Get it in the hole! 
Love, Davis

Friday, July 6, 2012

Warriner Family Reunion: The End

Our last day in Tennessee was a short one. Forrest and I split up to do two different activities that we love. He went fishing. And I went swimming. 

While getting to know some of the Warriner's, I discovered two of them are professional/collegian  swimmers! One is training with hopes of making the US Olympic team one day. And she is fast. Super fast, as I quickly discovered while trying to swim with her. One of them has even done a couple triathlons. 

I was invited to join the swimmers Sunday morning for an early morning swim across Pickwick Lake. I borrowed a swim cap and goggles. We aren't sure the exact distance we swam, but we all agreed, I almost doubled the distance because I couldn't swim in a straight line! I was having goggle difficulties (excuses!). I think it took me about 40 minutes. It took one of the girls a mere 24 minutes and she did BUTTERFLY across the lake! 

Goodbye beautiful Tennessee. Goodbye gorgeous Pickwick Lake. Goodbye new friends. I really wish we had one more day to spend in TN. We look forward to the next Warriner family reunion!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Reunion Day 2: Pickwick Lake

Back in Tennessee to continue the Warriner Family Reunion, we headed to Pickwick Lake for a day of sun! The Warriner cabin is located right on the lake with a gorgeous view! The day was spent swimming, boating, tubing, eating, drinking, and visiting. The kids loved swimming, Davis particularly loved throwing rocks. And of course, we were back in the sandbox, which made for a fun long bath that night!

At each event during the reunion weekend, we were greeted with a sign-in table. Name tags were helpful! They were even color-coordinated depending on which descendent you came from.

The Warriner name means "the owner of a warren." A warren is a rabbit park. So to celebrate the reunion, we all left with souvenir rabbit tumblers!

Family trees were everywhere, super helpful! 

Another form of a family tree on top of an old cutting board. Each coin represents a family member, the date of the coin indicating the year they were born.  We are the little family on the far right with one coin for Davis!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Reunion Day 1 Continued: Waukomis Lake

The second half of reunion day one continued in Mississippi on Waukomis Lake. The lake and surrounding cabins used to be a fishing camp with male members only. When the Great Depression hit, dues were too difficult to pay. The Warriner family decided to buy the camp. 

We spent the afternoon meeting family, playing all kinds of sports, looking through old family photo albums, drinking coca-cola out of glass bottles (some of the family are distributors), riding horses, and eating fried catfish!

Family Photo Albums

Davis was in heaven...horses, fish, playground, basketball, washers...
This is one of my favorite sites on the property. Originally, it was an old cabin. The original fireplace remains and some of the original wood was used to build the new structure. It's now used as a nice shelter from the sun and great gathering space. What I love most is that the brick floor makes up a family tree!

There are many old buildings on the property. It's almost like collecting antiques in the form of old shops and cabins. The kids were in heaven! They first went to the general store, where jars of candy provided an afternoon sugar rush!

Then, while Davis enjoyed his lollipop, they headed over to the U.S. Post Office. 

Davis had is first horse ride, BY HIMSELF! I can't tell you how many times I reminded him to, "hold on tight!" He loved it of course and was completely fearless. I told him his horse's name is Beauty. To which he replied, "I love booty." That's when Forrest and I said (under our breath of course), "that's what she said."

After a delicious dinner and a large family photo, we gathered at the pavilion (with the brick family tree) for a family sing-along, singing songs that their grand-parents and great-grand-parents sang to them growing up. It was a nice reminder of the entertainment we used to rely on before the days of iPads and DVR.

The kids were so well-behaved!