Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Sacrifices We Make...

As some of you already know, Forrest is doing his first triathlon May 25th! I'm really excited for him! On a quick side note, I did not pressure him into signing up, I didn't even put the thought into his head. Thanks to Brandon and Brett, he was easily convinced! When he first signed up, the excitement was mostly around googling triathlon outfits and forwarding them to Brandon and Brett to see who could find the most hilarious one! And let me tell you, he found some hideous tri-suits. The next exciting activity for Forrest was the gear, and there is a ton of it: swim cap, swim goggles, elastic shoelaces, energy gu, race number strap, bike, helmet, water bottles, sunglasses, hat, and the list goes on. So here we are, merely weeks away from the race and the reality has set in. We've been swimming and cycling occasionally over the last couple of months, but it's time to get serious. And he has! Which is great...but it comes at a sacrifice. The sacrifice of sleep! I would have never guessed that Forrest would start training every morning by getting up at 5am! For the past couple of mornings, the alarm has gone off at 5am, Duke jumps out of bed, the lights go on, Duke goes outside, the toaster pops out toast, Duke jumps back on the bed, and the car rolls out of the driveway. About an hour later, the car comes back, Duke jumps out of bed, the door opens, the lights go on, the talk radio gets turned on, the shower water starts to rush, and Duke jumps back in bed. All the while, I'm counting sheep! I was a light sleeper before being pregnant, but now I'm really struggling. There isn't a night that goes by I don't get up to use the bathroom at least 4 times (Duke, of course, follows me) and I'm constantly tossing from one side to the other (not allowed to sleep on my back, which is my favorite position). After a couple mornings of this routine and all the sheep counting, I've decided that tomorrow I'm going to go with Forrest to the gym at 5am.

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