Thursday, October 28, 2010

15 Months

I can't even remember what life was like before Davis, and honestly I don't want to. He's a complete joy and time with him is the highlight of our day. I love watching him grow and learn, but I also can't believe how fast it's happening. Sometimes I miss how tiny he used to be and I miss holding him all the time. With each passing month I find new stages to love and new things that bring a smile to my face. At 15 months, this is what Davis is up to:

- Weighs 22 pounds and is 31 inches long (big growth spurt since our last check up). Fits well in 12 month clothes and starting to fit in his 18 month stuff, but it's still pretty baggy. He wears size 5 shoes. Not a fan of hats or sunglasses, always takes them off.
- Walking and climbing everywhere. Expert at climbing stairs and starting to get the hang of wiggling himself backwards down the stairs. We've had the usual accidents, bumps and bruises mostly. We did have one horrible fall on tile that caused a cut above his eye.
- Drinking 2% milk, at least 18oz a day out of a sippy cup or cup with straw. Bottles are gone! Except for when he's sick, then I love to hold him and give him a bottle. He can drink out of a cup, but needs help not spilling it!
- Is a bit of a picky eater. The best way to get veggies in him is to give him one of those pureed packaged vegetables that he literally drinks like a smoothie! He's a huge fan of any carb and most fruits!
- His pacifier is only for naps and bedtime, with an occasional car ride.
- Loving his new car seat and sitting forward!
- Signing: eat, more, all done, bath, milk, hot
- Nods his head for 'yes'
- Words: Mama, Dada, Dukie, Thank you (da), Please (peas), Out there (ow der), Ball (ba), Baby (ba), makes the sound a puppy dog makes when panting
- Seems to understand most things that we tell him and will respond to you asking him to come here, go there, do that, etc.
- Sleeps from 7pm to 7am with two naps during the day
- Loves to brush his own teeth, of which he only has 4
- Right now he loves Mickey Mouse (esp dancing to the hot dog song), playing with Duke, going outside for wagon rides or swinging, and is obsessed with his cozy coup! He still loves bath time (squeals with excitement and goes to grab his towel) but would rather stay outside than go in for a bath.
- Waves hello and good-bye. Blows kisses! Gives good-night kisses to Daddy and Duke. Gives the sweetest hugs!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love This!

Davis has his own secret language which we try to interpret. I absolutely love it! Forrest was able to get a clip of him talking on their way home from visiting me at Ole. Davis is super sleepy in this clip and don't worry, they were parked!!!

Davis Tells a Story from Christina Thompson on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gettin' Cozy

Things have been crazy lately, as you can tell by my lack of blogging. Thankfully, pictures help remind me what we've been up to! So here's our story...

We went to the Pumpkin Patch! Davis didn't know exactly what to do with the pumpkins. Even the little ones he could pick up, he wasn't that interested in. Maybe when he's older and we start carving them, he will enjoy it more.

Laney, our friend all the way from Lubbock came to visit. Her parents were in town for the Alamo Heights Class of 2000 High School Reunion. Friday night we went to the football game, Saturday we took a tour of the school, and that night enjoyed dinner with everyone.

I spent all last week volunteering with Junior League at our holiday market, OLE! So while mommy was away, the boys did play!

Here is Davis telling daddy the fire is hot. They were grilling a steak.

This is how Davis goes down the stair, wiggle wiggle!

Forrest brought Davis up to Ole for a visit! Saturday was our family day, we had face painting, trick or treating, and arts and crafts for the kiddos. It was great having lunch together and Davis played well with the other kids. He was also completely obsessed with the balloons.

Kelly gave Davis a Cozy Coup for his birthday. Now that Davis is walking and climbing we decided he was ready for it! Oh boy he was super excited! This thing has advanced from the one I owned.

We puppy sat! Brent and Leslie got a new puppy, her name is Goose and she is 7 weeks old. They had an unexpected NY trip come up, so I offered to help. A puppy and a baby are not a good combo! But they did love each other...

This is Davis making his puppy sound, he pants like a dog!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Forrest

We finally wrapped up a big week of celebrating Forrest's birthday. Part of the celebration started over the weekend, with our fun trip to Dave and Busters and a night out at the movies. We also had a wonderful dinner with the Thompson's and Forrest's mom made his favorite dessert! On his actual birthday we headed to San Marcos for a tex-mex dinner at our favorite place, Herbert's, and then we went to an outdoor concert at the Glade Theatre! We saw Randy Rogers, Walt and Tina Wilkins, and the Trishas. Randy was a huge hit, especially being a Texas State Alum, but we were really impressed with the Trishas. Go look them up on itunes!

It was more like a jam session, each artist taking a turn on the stage...that's Randy in the hat and all the girls sitting near us are the Trishas.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Burrito!

I wanted to share a yummy and healthy (good protein) lunch recipe with you moms out there! Breakfasts and dinners for Davis are a piece of cake. Breakfast usually consists of a waffle and strawberries. Dinner is usually the leftovers from what Forrest and I had the night before. Lunch is a different story. Maybe some moms out there have some tips for me, but I seem to run out of ideas. I came across a burrito recipe in my Cooking for Baby book and I'm so glad I decided to try it! The best part is that I made about 10, wrapped them individually, and put them in the freezer for later. And of course the other plus is that Davis enjoys them!

Pinto Beans, one 15 oz can
Brown Rice, 3/4 cup cooked
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 3/4 cup grated
Mild Salsa, 2-3 Tbsp (optional)
Whole Wheat Tortillas (this recipe makes 6, but I was able to make 10...probably bc I don't really follow directions)

How to:
- Rinse beans until water runs clear and drain thoroughly
- Mash beans
- Warm beans over medium heat
- Add rice, cheese, and salsa to beans and mix until well blended
- Divide evenly into tortillas, fold in 2 ends and roll burritos

To store:
Wrap burritos individually in foil, seal in a large freezer bag, and freeze for up to 3 months


And even if you're not a baby/toddler, these are really yummy. Forrest kept steeling bites from Davis.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey Buster!

It's Saturday. Football day! But what do you do when you're going a little stir crazy in your house? You head to Dave and Busters. Sure the food is pure c**p and I'm sure germs are crawling all over those games (I'm getting better), but it's an outing that satisfies the kid's need to explore new things and the husband's need to watch football.

We had such a fun weekend...starting with the park and feeding the ducks on Friday, then football watching and french fries eating on Saturday followed by a movie night, and a relaxing Sunday doing yard work, grocery shopping, and grilling. As for the movie, we saw The Town and I LOVED it. It's Forrest's birthday "week" so I let him pick the movie. I was crossing my fingers for Social Media, but was pleasantly surprised by the new Ben Affleck flick. Okay, not so new. I think it came out three weeks ago, but I don't keep up with stuff like that!

So I throw this perfectly good bread to those ducks down there? Lesson for mommy, make sure you take good bread (not old or moldy) just in case baby decides to eat it too!

Yeah right, I would rather eat it myself!

Going across the bridge like a big boy!

Dave and Busters!

Playing a game with mommy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Music to my Ears

Making Davis laugh is a complete joy. I love to hear that belly laughter and see his adorable 4 toothed-smile. The funniest things make him laugh and I never would have guessed the reaction I get. Duke can make him laugh the best. All it takes is for Duke to chase a ball Davis threw! It's hilarious, but crazy all at the same time. Duke has some space issues and doesn't realize Davis isn't that sturdy. Here is a video of Forrest making him laugh, playing with the play-mat:

Monday, October 4, 2010

H Town

Two weeks later and Davis is fully recovered. I really don't even know if recovery applies to his tubes. He was back to his normal happy self by the time we left the hospital and played all day like nothing had happened that morning. If anyone was in recovery, it was me, from the lack of sleep and restlessness over the whole procedure. At our one week follow up appt with the Dr, there was no sign of infection. For now, we are done with the ear drops, but still keeping up with the ear plugs. I guess this is where the 'no hair' thing comes in handy, we don't really have to dunk Davis' head in water to wash out the shampoo, so we had no trouble keeping water out of his ears.

For the first weekend in October, Davis and I went to Houston. We had so many things to do and people to see. It was Annie's birthday, so we helped her celebrate with a wine and cheese girl's night, shopping at the Galleria, and brunch at Brennan's. The Galleria has a great kid's area with a train ride and of course all the kid's clothing stores all in one place. Davis rode the Choo-Choo-Train and even got to visit with some puppies that were up for adoption. Brennan's hit the spot! If you haven't been, it's a must. Turtle Soup, Eggs Benedict, and Banana's Foster are the three signature items. Anything on the menu is fabulous.

My good friends Kelly and Collin recently moved to Houston, so we snuck in a visit with them and they graciously offered to babysit Davis while we were at Brennan's. It's not exactly a kid place, but ironically the table next to us had about 6 kids, one in a high chair.

I also got to see my sweet friends Courtney and Courtney (not a typo, there are two Courtneys, well three really, but the third was in Cabo for the weekend). One of the Courtneys has been on bedrest pregnant with her second little boy, who she happened to have over the weekend!!! His name is Wyatt and he is so beautiful. The other Courtney just had her baby boy, Jay, and I was so lucky to meet him and hold him. He is such a good baby, but I'm guessing he slept all day with us and kept Courtney up most of the night. If you're wondering where Forrest was all weekend while we were partying, he was having his own fishing party down in Port Mansfield.