Friday, September 30, 2011

Davis' Favorite Things to Talk About

"I march!" Stomps his feet and walks around, usually grabs his trumpet. We saw the high school band march by our street last week.

"I walk Duke." Grabs Duke's leash and wants to walk him outside. Always drags out the sound of Duuuuuuke.

"Nap school, snack school." What he does at school.

"Meow are you?" Looking for cats in our neighborhood.

"Nap!" Davis will point his finger at me and tell me to take a nap (I close my eyes and fake snore), then Davis whistles or plays his trumpet to wake me up. He laughs every time. And so do I.

"Ball hoop." Time to play some b-ball.

"No ice." We've had enough falls and bruises to know that mommy usually grabs an icepack. So now, every time there is an "I bonk" incident, it's quickly followed by, "no ice."

"Annie Choo Choo." When my mom comes in town, she always takes Davis to ride the train at the zoo. There is an association here. When we talk to Annie on the phone, Davis always says, "Choo choo, duck." After they ride the train, they go feed the ducks!

"STOOOOOPPPPP!" It's loud and it's long. When Davis sees a stop sign or red light, he yells stop! Then he follows it with, "gooooo!"

"Pease, tank you!" Davis knows one of these two words will get him something. Usually he tries please first. Then he follows with a very loud and enthusiastic, thank you!

"O, B, D, T, & A" These are Davis' favorite letters! For 'T' he sticks his arms out straight to make the shape of a 'T' and with 'O' he makes a circle shape with his hands.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Out With Thomas and Papa Tom

Last weekend Davis and I went to Austin to hang out with Papa Tom (my dad) and ride the Thomas train. As I've mentioned before, Davis has a slight obsession with trains. All we hear about these days is, "All aboard choo choo!" Usually we ride the train at the San Antonio Zoo. It's a great little train that takes you around the zoo and park. Davis has never been on a BIG train, until now.

Our ride to Austin. He loves his "mickey glasses."

First night in Austin we went to the Oasis with Papa Tom.
There was a beautiful sunset behind us, but you can't see it in this picture.
Say Cheese!

We arrived in Burnet, Texas in time for the first train ride. The place was empty, which was nice. Davis had the entire Island of Sodor to himself!

Davis kept telling me, "big choo choo!"

After the train ride, we explored the blow-up train and the golf!

That night, after a nice nap, we went out for yogurt! Austin Chill is a great yogurt place where you build your own cup! They charge you based on weight. Just my kinda place! Davis had delicious strawberry yogurt! Don't worry, that cup is NOT full of yogurt. Can you tell he loves it?

Papa Tom and Davis. He loves to march and salute these days!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breakfast Date

I was in Austin last weekend and was able to get together at delicious Maudies for some catching up, Molly and Wills time, and queso!

Davis and Wills eating breakfast, Davis was enjoying the salt and pepper!

Me & Molly

Our breakfast consisted of: swinging a baby to sleep in her carrier, crayons flying over balconies, a fit over the salt and pepper, sippy cups banging on tables, cuddling with a dog, meeting all the people around us, and a spilled iced tea!

After two hours and a big tip, it was time to leave.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Naps & Snacks

I am absolutely loving Davis' new school, St. David's! Davis on the other hand is still warming up to the idea.

The school is very small, so in just a few short weeks everyone knows everyone! I feel like, not only for Davis, but it's a great transition into big-kid-school for me. It's only two days a week, so packing lunches and dealing with backpacks isn't too overwhelming. Also, since it's not mandatory, it's so laid back...miss a day, running late, no biggie! The pressure is off! At least for a couple years!

Some days Davis squeals his teacher's name (Empy!) with excitement, and others he tells me, "no school mama." When I ask him what he did at school, he will sit there and think for a long time, then say, "nap school." I ask him, what else did you do at school, he thinks again, and says, "snack school." Yep, two most important things, a nap and a snack!

The school has a website, which makes it so easy to stay informed. But my favorite part is that the teachers post pictures of the kids!

Once when I asked Davis about school he told me, "choo choo book." I love knowing that he was really talking about a book at school! Here's the proof!

Now I know why they told me not to send him dressed in his nice clothes. Surprisingly, he still comes home fairly clean!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rockport can get a little Salty

Last weekend was my cousin Renee's bachelorette bash in Rockport, Texas! She has some really amazing friends and I loved getting to know them all a little bit we bonded over fishing, swimming, boating, and dancing.

The first night we stayed at the condo, just enjoying catching up while eating some fabulous Panjo's Pizza. Renee had a list of to-do's...and we got right on it...take a picture fishing, take a picture with a Rockport bird, take a picture planking, take a picture on a boat, take a picture on a bar...

Fishing on the pier! Where are our fishing poles?

Our second day was spent at the pool...and we like to dress the part...
We had dinner at the Boiling Pot!
Our boat ride! Captain Renee!
Then we headed to Alice Fayes. Nothing better than a live band that hands you the mic!
A little singing about the wedding...Novemba, Novemba, Novemba!

Can't wait for the wedding!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Love on Top

By far my favorite performance at the VMAs:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No School Mama

Tuesdays and Thursdays are school days for Davis, he goes from 8:30am - 2:30pm. They attend chapel, have snack, do arts and crafts, have playground time, listen to music, learn spanish (hola!), have lunch, take a nap, read a book, and then they are dismissed! I seriously wish I could be a fly on the wall, especially for chapel. How they get my child to sit still for 25 minutes is beyond me!

We are into the second week of school and the drop-off is starting to get a little better. The first day he didn't realize I was going to leave him, so there wasn't too much crying. He was excited to run into his classroom and start playing with the toys. The second day was HORRIBLE. On our car ride to school he kept saying, "No school mama!" He remembered that I left him and immediately started crying and clinging to my arm when we walked into the room. It didn't help that all the other kids were crying too! I left him as quickly as possible because I knew the longer I stayed, the longer he would cry. Did I mention I had tears too?

This week we started off a little better. I took him early to school so he could play in the courtyard with the basketballs and tricycles. He held tight to my finger as we walked into the classroom and his chin did a little quiver when I told him good-bye. When I turned around to look back through the classroom window, I could see he was already having fun and playing with the other kids. Sigh of relief.

And because no post is complete without a picture...