Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Room Make-Over Part 2 and Done!

It was a slow process, seeing as the last time I posted about redecorating our entry room was back in May! This is part 2 and I've decided I'm done! There are a couple things that this room still needs and would be nice to have, but seeing that we will probably be putting our house on the market soon, no need to spend more money for the final touches.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't leave home without one!

It's time to go? Okay, can I take a few of these trains with me?
Let me just see how many I can tuck under my chin...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day at the Park with Barley

Have you met Barley? He's one of a kind. Sometimes we like to call him "Boss." Him and Duke are the same breed, but aren't related. We can't even joke that they are ken because they absolutely hate each other. Barley is an extreme alpha dog. Barley lives with my parents and is a fabulous dog when he's the only dog and when there aren't any kids around to freak his freak. He loves to paddle board and always has a toy in his mouth. When I was pregnant with Davis, there were talks of possibly giving Barley to another loving home. I am so glad we didn't!!!! He is the most caring dog towards Davis, more so than Duke. They read together, eat snacks together, cuddle together, and slide together...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saint Nick

"Hi Santa, it's me Davis!"

What do I want you ask?!
I want that exact Choo Choo Train over there!

Reindeer Ride!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Most of it spent with family, eating turkey, and watching football. The rest of our time was spent driving! We started out in Beeville at Forrest's family farm. Davis had a blast playing football outside with his cousins and sitting by the huge fire (yay for the lift on the burn ban)! The next day we were sad to leave, but knew we could not miss out a day (possibly the last) in Aggieland with the Longhorns! With A&M heading to the SEC next year, who knows what's in store for the traditional Thanksgiving UT vs A&M football game. My family set up a great tailgate, pumpkin pie and all! Spence Park is the place to be! We got to see the Aggie Band march (a huge hit for Davis) and we also were close to the Alumni Center (great for bathroom breaks, changing diapers, and of with the Aggie ring). Forrest was lucky and had a ticket to the game. Davis and I headed back to the hotel around 7:30pm. I enjoyed a glass of wine and we fell asleep in the 3rd quarter. Pathetic, I realize this, but turned out to be a good thing because I didn't have to endure the last part of the game. My favorite part of the trip was getting up the next morning and walking with Davis around campus. Kelly and Molly happened to be staying at a hotel next to ours, so we ventured out with our strollers. Who else was up at 7am in College Station that morning, no one. We had the sidewalks to ourselves! After a big family breakfast, packing up, and then eating one last time (La Bodega, delicious) we got on the road to Austin. Afterall, what's one more family stop for yet another Thanksgiving meal.