Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So....the other day I took Davis for a follow-up with his ENT (he had tubes put in last September). The tubes are still there and doing their job! I learned two things at this appointment:

1) Davis should still be wearing ear plugs. Oops. We kinda stopped this in the Spring. Davis kept pulling them out. As a solution to this problem, I searched online and found the handy dandy Ear Band - it!

2) Davis knows over 50 words! The Dr asked me how many words Davis knows. And do you know what my answer was? This is going to make me sound like a horrible mom! I don't count how many words my kid knows, and I'm definitely not one to brag, so I just said around 15. Wrong answer! The Dr looked super concerned and said he should know around 30-40 words. So what did I do, I immediately went home and made a list.

For memory sake, here is the list I've come up with...and keep adding to:
hi, bye, please, thank you, stuck, choo choo, mama, dada, annie, duke, nana, pop, airplane, milk, snack, sky, balloon, outside, right there, shoes, kick, ball, mick, roar, dog, turtle, book, truck, hot, cold, yay, wahoo, blue, out, up, banana, cookie, bird, meow, bike, go, bowl, more, i did it, no, yes, yeah, yep, blocks, two, squirrel, car, hat, rock, snake, back, i missed, eye, ear, hair, nose, poop, pee, bus, snow

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