Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fest Out West Part 2: Sunsets and Comanche Indians

Day 2 was super relaxing...seeing as we decided to spend the majority of the day by the pool. And I do mean the entire day, we arrived around 10am and didn't leave till around 5pm. That was apparently everyones idea too because it soon became a big pool party! John provided the beer, margaritas, and music while we made ourselves some new friends!

Once we woke up from our pool coma (don't worry, large sun hats and sunscreen were applied), we got ready for an evening of music and stargazing. My mom signed us up for a hayride outside of town to do some stargazing...little did we know, the clouds were rolling in.

But before the hayride, we were able to catch a show, one of my favorites! This is Liz Foster from The Trishas with Matt Skinner. To give you a little sample I've attached two YouTube videos, one I uploaded myself. Did I mention she can play like 10 different instruments, some two at a time!

Hayride time!
About 10 of us headed to the stables after a little dinner and some music. They did have horses, but instead of being pulled by them, this was our ride...good thing because there wasn't much of a path and we needed a good off-roading vehicle!

Along the hayride, we stopped to take a look at an old cave, made by the Comanche Indians who used to live in this area.

Here come the clouds!

Beautiful sunset at the top of the mountain.

We enjoyed the sunset, along with our wine and cheese!

After the cloud-gazing (I mean stargazing) hayride, we headed back to the resort for the Reckless Kelly concert (sadly we missed Cody Canada and the Departed).

Uncle John

Willy Braun from Reckless Kelly

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