Monday, June 27, 2011

Colorado Cool-down

The day after Molly was born (good timing baby girl), we left for a family vacation to Crested Butte, Colorado. It was such a nice change of pace and of course, change of weather. It was a bit chillier than we excepted, with highs in the 60s! But that made the fireplace and hot tub all that more enjoyable. Packing was tricky for this trip. I came home and unpacked about 4 pairs of shorts I didn't touch. I obviously wasn't prepared. It was especially tricky with a growing toddler that doesn't fit in his winter clothes anymore.

Davis did really well on our two flights to Crested Butte. I had planned activity after activity, but he flew through those in about 10 minutes. He was more interested in the window and armrest, up down, up down, up down! I can see why at 2 they have to get their own seat. Thank goodness Forrest was flying with us. Davis was all over the place! It doesn't bother me now (how my views have changed since having kids of my own and being more understanding), but when I was younger I hated when the person (usually a kid) behind me would kick my seat. To avoid Davis being the annoying seat kicker, I told him that the person in front of us was sleeping and he couldn't touch his seat. Every once in a while (in between opening and closing the window) Davis would point at the seat in front of us, put his finger to his lips, and say "shhhh." It was adorable and it worked!

We have arrived in Crested Butte!

Took a walk to find snow!

The first day there we decided to rent bikes. Davis was super excited. For some reason, he loves to wear a helmet. While we were getting fitted he was running around with his helmet saying, "bike" over and over. He wasn't too disappointed when we told him he would be riding in the bike trailer behind daddy's bike. I think all the excitement before the actual ride wore him out, he quickly fell asleep! We didn't make it too far before it started to rain...and then hail! Luckily Davis was completely bundled and covered, but we were soaked!

We stayed at a friend's home. It had beautiful views, a hot tub, and most importantly to Davis, a foosball table! I think we might have to get one now! Every second spent in that house was at this table.

Our second full day in Colorado was our hiking day. Since it was still pretty cold, many of the trails were blocked due to snow! Luckily, we still found some open trails and enjoyed a short hike. Davis wasn't a huge fan of his hiking backpack. He much preferred walking and throwing rocks.

Yes, Ann Marie and I are dressed like twins. Not on purpose of course, but like I said, packing was tricky and I really didn't have enough clothes for the cold weather. Neither did she!

Our last day in Colorado was Father's Day! We sent Forrest and my dad on a fly fishing trip with a guide! Then we spent the afternoon with Davis at the park. With the Texas heat, we haven't made it to many parks this summer, so Davis was ecstatic! The park was HUGE and amazing, we had so much fun with all the different slides and tunnels. But in the end, Davis was only interested in the basketball...

I absolutely love Colorado. It's just one of those places you go and instantly feel refreshed. The air is cool and crisp and every view is breathtaking! I'm not sure if I could survive the winters, so I guess it will just become a vacation spot (hopefully a recurring one).

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