Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fest Out West Part 3: Big Hats, ATVs, and Locals

Day three of our adventure out west might have been my favorite day. It's a close tie with day four (post to come tomorrow). This day was jam packed with poolside partying, an ATV adventure, views of Mexico, a trip into a ghost town, and of course....more Texas music!

Initially, we had not signed up to do any other activities besides the stargazing hayride. But, when my mom heard from some friends that the ATV rides were a must, she jumped up from her poolside lounger and ran to sign us all up. What? My mom on an ATV! The thought never crossed my mind. Let me add, that me on an ATV is also a thought that never crossed my mind. If you don't know me that well, I'm not too adventurous when it comes to heights and speed, and especially not when those two things are combined.

We were lucky to grab an 8am slot (I'm sure most people assumed they would be hungover, but not us, we were partying with our parents) so it was still nice and cool out. It probably would have been a good idea to wear pants and long sleeves, but we didn't exactly plan on this activity, so running clothes would have to suffice. And they did, we were just covered in dust when it was all over. You could have written a message on my leg (i.e. "wash me"). For most of you reading this, you've probably done the ATV thing, so I won't go into too much detail. You get the idea from the pictures...

Ann Marie on left & I'm on the right

That's my mom, in the back, waving!

View of the Rio and a town in Mexico.

After our bright and early morning adventure, we cleaned up and headed to the pool again. This time, it wasn't as crowded so early. I think most people were sleeping in (i.e. recovering from the night before). We enjoyed another afternoon lounging, reading, sleeping, eating, drinking, and listening to music by the pool.

A sun hat is a MUST in this climate...who's hat is the biggest? I think my dad wins!

Viva Terlingua! Terlingua is the neighboring town (population is around 200) to Lajitas and is where we went for dinner and music that night. Terlingua used to be a mining town in the 1880s, but due to the remoteness and hostile Indians, the mines shut down and people left town, and that is why it is literally a ghost town (not just the set of an old western film).

We stepped off the bus to find ourselves in front of the Starlight Theatre, a trading post, and a bunch of locals (some had all their teeth). It's a truly unique spot in all of Texas. We were greeted by friendly people, delicious food, and shiner beer.

The jail was just around the corner from the bathrooms! So convenient.

Front row seats for the show!

The hosts...John & Robin

Bring on the music! Texas music is something you just have to experience for yourself (and I'm sure most of you have). So you already know that it's like listening to a story. Some of the best storytellers performed for us that night. My favorite shows are acoustic and simple. I also love when the artists play off one another and jam together. It was an intimate setting and one of my favorite nights!

Corb Lund, Cody Braun, and Hayes Carll

Keith Gattis, Willy Braun, Butch Hancock, and John Evans


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