Friday, June 10, 2011

Fest Out West Part 4: I'm your huckleberry

I felt like any minute John Wayne was going to come riding up over the dusty hillside on his horse Banner. Or when I set down to play poker, there would be Doc Holliday flipping a coin in his right hand.

Our fourth day out west was tourney day. We had washers, poker, and shootouts going on! I didn't exactly get up from my pool lounger to take part in any of these activities, but I heard they were all a blast! My dad actually did the shoot 'em up tournament, he claims he won, but that night someone else walked away with the trophy :)

After another afternoon by the pool, my sister and I decided to take a break and do some shopping. Realistically, to hit the three stores in town we only needed about 20 minutes. We went to the general store, the golf pro store, and the hotel store. All three had most of the same merchandise. So after riding our golf cart to all three, we ended up in the golf pro shop where I found Forrest a nice golf shirt. I was tempted to get him a fishing shirt, but he has SO many of these already. When I say "SO" many, I mean about 20 (no lie, I just went to his closet and counted). I also brought Davis home a little Lajitas t-shirt. Since we wrapped up the shopping fairly quickly, we decided to keep exploring with our golf cart. We headed over to the RV park, checked out the Lajitas cemetery, and even drove a bit of the golf course. We heard a mountain lion was spotted on the 15th hole the night before, but all we saw were some roadrunners, lizards, cows, and jack rabbits.

The music from the 4th night was jam-packed. We went from concert to concert and got to hear so many different people perform. This is why I have a hard time deciding if day 3 or 4 was my favorite. It started at the Thirsty Goat Saloon and Beer Garden (anyone heard of the beer drinking goat?) with a local favorite, Trevor Hinkle. Then we took our camping chairs and made our way down the hill to the Lajitas Amphitheater to hear Pinche Gringos, The Trishas, Wade Bowen, and Randy Rogers.

But first, and most importantly, the trophies were handed out to tourney winners!

The Trishas with Keith Gattis!

Every event John and Robin host, the last night is always the best.
All the artists get up on stage together for one last final song.

Did you think this was the last Fest Out West post? Well, I have one more coming :) Because it was a cu cu choo choo ride home too!

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