Monday, May 9, 2011

Dewberries, Moms, and Triathlons

Relaxing Mother's Day? Not so much. But it was my own fault. Remind me again why I do these triathlons?

The weekend started off early Saturday morning with Junior League Leadership training for me. Starbucks helped me get through those three hours. As soon as I got home, it was lunch time for Davis and time to pack up the car to head out to the Thompson's family farm in Seguin for the annual Dewberry Festival. This year we celebrated 34 years! Sadly, without rain, the Dewberries are few and far between. BTW a dewberry is similar to a blackberry. But we still enjoyed seeing family & friends, playing horseshoes, and competing in a scavenger hunt. Davis is in absolute hog heaven out at the farm. What's not to love? There's dirt, rocks, sticks, dogs, fish, and cows. Davis and Forrest spent the night at the farm, but I headed to Austin with my tri-gear and spent the night with my sister.

Sunday morning, Happy Mother's Day, we were up at 5:30am getting ready for our first triathlon of the season, The Skeese Greets. It's a pretty short sprint tri (apparently this year they actually added distance in each leg of the race), but always a great warm up for the season. I think I finished it in an hour and twenty minutes, but my time chip is messed up because while they categorized me in the 29 and under group by giving me a black swim cap, apparently I was supposed to be in the 30 and up group. When getting "marked" (they use a sharpie to write your number on your arms and legs and your age on your calf), I politely asked the man to write 29 on my calf because I can't handle being 30 just yet. He kindly obliged. Looking back, I forgot how crazy my weekend was last year for this race. Davis was sick and I was up most the night. I wonder how I would do if I just rested the days before the race? Nevertheless, we had so much fun! Sharing Mother's Day with all these other amazing moms meant a lot. It also happened to be my mom's birthday! Her best birthday gift? She placed 3rd in her age group! Did I mention she rode 100 miles on her bike the day before for the Shiner Ride?

After the torture, I mean, fun race, we all headed out to eat. I couldn't eat anything, I was falling asleep at the table. So we headed home and Davis treated mommy to a THREE HOUR NAP!!!! We woke up around 5pm, freshened up (I didn't have the energy to shower before my nap, gross, I know), and went to Urban Taco for a beer and some delicious ceviche!

And now...the countdown to the end goal...the Cap Tex Triathlon on Memorial Day!

Renee's fiance, Robert, was there to cheer us on and took these pics with his iphone! Here we are, getting ready to start swimming!

At the finish line!

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Sarah said...

You are my hero! I want to do one so bad. But a) I'm scared. B) I don't know where to begin.