Monday, May 23, 2011

Rockport Weekend

We spent the weekend in Rockport and had a great time! Forrest was able to get some fishing in, but we spent most of our time at the beach or in the pool with Davis. Looking back at all the time we've spent in Rockport, it's funny to see how our activities have changed over the years. We used to wake up around 5am, head out across the bay, and fish into the afternoon. We used to come back from a long morning of fishing, scarf down some lunch and make a gin and tonic to take to the pool. We used to take long naps (well that hasn't changed), head to the ski basin for happy hour, and then enjoy dinner as the sun went down. Now only one of us can go fishing (guess which one) while the other stays to play with Davis. So while daddy was fishing, Davis and I headed to the shops. The hot hot summer temps haven't quite hit yet, and we enjoyed a nice overcast morning for shopping. When daddy got home that afternoon, we decided to take Davis to the beach. He loved playing in the sand and trying to build sand castles. He also loved helping the kids next to us fill a huge hole with water. Davis was so good at using his bucket to scoop up water.

Our boat ride to the beach...

Rockport beach, while not the beautiful shores of Hawaii, is a great beach because there are basically no waves and it's super shallow.

Wanting mommy to get off her towel and join him in the water.

On the boat ride home, head to toe in sand.

The next day we decided to avoid the sand and head to the pool.

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