Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happily Ever After

In honor of the biggest wedding of the month (I can't say year because my cousin is getting married this year), my parents hosted a Royal Wedding Watching Party (who didn't?). Thank goodness they are sensible and decided to DVR the wedding instead of inviting guests over at 4am. My mom rummaged through storage boxes to find all things London! Around the house she placed tour books, my sister's girl scout badges (that she received in London), our wellies, and little tourist trinkets like the English telephone booth. People brought all sorts of English food, but my favorite were the salt and vinegar crisps!

Claire thinks someone should have worn a cowboy hat to the wedding! Check out my mom's white gloves tucked into her belt and yes, that ring on her finger is blue (not exactly the same as Kate's!).

I look like I have creme brulee on my head :) Like our mugs? Yep, that's Kate and Wills!

No wedding party is complete without a wedding cake!

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