Thursday, June 28, 2012

Warriner Family Reunion: The Arrival

Davis's middle name, Warriner, is a family name from my father-in-law's side of the family. We joined this side of the family for a family reunion last weekend and had a blast! The knowledge of their family tree is very impressive and they are dedicated to honoring their family history. Everywhere you looked, there was another family tree! 

The majority of the family is from Mississippi and surrounding areas, dating back to 1849 and starting with Dr. James Alfred Warriner. We were all given a 5 page, single spaced outline descendant report for James and a reunion packet with old pictures of family members. I loved learning the family history and hearing more about the name Warriner. 

The majority of the first day was spent traveling. It was a hectic start. Forrest and I had stayed up till 1am packing the night before, then we both worked half days, then we got an offer on the house, and raced to the airport at noon. 

To say Davis was excited about riding an airplane would be an understatement. We spent forever looking out the window at airplanes. He kept asking me if the planes had his name on it. He also loved, when asked "where are you going?" to yell in response "TO MARS!" Our flight to Nashville (not mars) was a short, direct flight. Nice and easy! Davis was so well behaved (even though it was nap time), he sat in his seat the entire time and loved every minute of it! 

Once in Nashville, we rented a car and drove three hours to Pickwick Lake in Tennessee, to the Warriner Cabin. The drive was beautiful, everything is very green and the trees are massive! Davis was exhausted after the plane ride, our "new" car, and his "new" carseat. I didn't feel the need to explain renting. 

It was dark when we finally arrived at the cabin, but as you can see, we still had fun. Dinner was waiting and so was a huge sandbox where Davis parked himself for a good hour. 

More to come on the Warriner Family Reunion! I couldn't fit three days of reunion fun into one post!

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