Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rockport can get a little Salty

Last weekend was my cousin Renee's bachelorette bash in Rockport, Texas! She has some really amazing friends and I loved getting to know them all a little bit we bonded over fishing, swimming, boating, and dancing.

The first night we stayed at the condo, just enjoying catching up while eating some fabulous Panjo's Pizza. Renee had a list of to-do's...and we got right on it...take a picture fishing, take a picture with a Rockport bird, take a picture planking, take a picture on a boat, take a picture on a bar...

Fishing on the pier! Where are our fishing poles?

Our second day was spent at the pool...and we like to dress the part...
We had dinner at the Boiling Pot!
Our boat ride! Captain Renee!
Then we headed to Alice Fayes. Nothing better than a live band that hands you the mic!
A little singing about the wedding...Novemba, Novemba, Novemba!

Can't wait for the wedding!

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