Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Out With Thomas and Papa Tom

Last weekend Davis and I went to Austin to hang out with Papa Tom (my dad) and ride the Thomas train. As I've mentioned before, Davis has a slight obsession with trains. All we hear about these days is, "All aboard choo choo!" Usually we ride the train at the San Antonio Zoo. It's a great little train that takes you around the zoo and park. Davis has never been on a BIG train, until now.

Our ride to Austin. He loves his "mickey glasses."

First night in Austin we went to the Oasis with Papa Tom.
There was a beautiful sunset behind us, but you can't see it in this picture.
Say Cheese!

We arrived in Burnet, Texas in time for the first train ride. The place was empty, which was nice. Davis had the entire Island of Sodor to himself!

Davis kept telling me, "big choo choo!"

After the train ride, we explored the blow-up train and the golf!

That night, after a nice nap, we went out for yogurt! Austin Chill is a great yogurt place where you build your own cup! They charge you based on weight. Just my kinda place! Davis had delicious strawberry yogurt! Don't worry, that cup is NOT full of yogurt. Can you tell he loves it?

Papa Tom and Davis. He loves to march and salute these days!

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