Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hot Lava

Soccer season is coming to a close. Surprisingly, it went by quickly. We practiced one day a week - which really was like one big play-date on a huge field with 10 kids - and we had games every Saturday morning. The games proved to be very entertaining. 

The first couple of games, the kids had to learn that not all of them could play at the same time. There were some tears. I think the majority of kids had more fun hanging out by the "snack cooler" than on the field. There were some who would absolutely collapse in complete despair if the other team scored a goal. And there were some kids whose parents were shouting bribes from the sidelines - "If you stay on the field for the next 15 mins, I will buy you bubble gum!!!" Desperate times, desperate times. I will miss Saturday mornings! 

Did I mention the kids came up with their team name...HOT LAVA! Go Hot Lava! 

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