Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Davis' Baptism

Our little Catholic boy has been welcomed into the Church and we are thrilled! I had been planning this occasion for months! Forrest and I had attended the Baptism class before he was even born. After his arrival, we choose Godparents, sent out invitations, planned a party at our house, and prayed no one would bring the flu with them.

Davis wore a gown that has been in Forrest's family since 1916. He was the 50th baby to wear it. I loved dressing my boy in a dress! He was such an angel all day. He slept through the first half of mass, was wide awake for the Baptism ceremony, and waited till it was over to scream! Once we made it back to our house for the tamale lunch, he passed out and slept through the entire party. We had about 65 family and friends join us (it reminded me of Easter last year) and thank goodness for the perfect weather!
Disclaimer...I had some precious white socks with a little cross for him to wear to the ceremony, but he was screaming and we were trying to get out the door, so I let the boy go barefoot!
The after party at our house:

I have uploaded more photos on his shutterfly site, link to the right! Enjoy!

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lauren said...

Wow!! That is so neat that Davis got to wear that Baptism gown, how special! You are looking fantastic by the way!!