Friday, June 7, 2013

What does Davis think about the new baby?

Having a baby is an interesting concept for a toddler to grasp. Davis has asked a lot of questions and started telling us what life is going to be like as a big brother!

We were looking at a family photo...everyone was in it except Davis. He noticed too, he saw all his cousins and myself and Forrest, but no Davis. "Where am I mom?" At the time of the photo I was pregnant with him, so I told him, "in this picture, you are in my tummy." The poor kid looked at me with the saddest face and was completely serious when he asked, "mom, did you eat me?" No no no! "Then how did I get in your tummy?"

When we first announced the baby, Davis was oblivious to the celebrating and conversations. Forrest and I decided we didn't really need to bring it up till I was further along. We figured once I was showing it would make more sense to Davis. Also, if you tell Davis something is going to happen, he immediately says "tomorrow?" Imagine telling him, no, not till December!

We didn't have to wait long. I think he heard the baby talk enough and started to catch on. He's been telling people I have 2 boys and 1 girl in my tummy. Triplets! All three are named Duke. One night, reading books, Davis randomly asked me if the baby can hear us. I told him yes, so Davis leaned towards my belly and said "hey baby!" Then he asked me why we can't hear the baby. So many good questions, he's really keeping me on my toes!

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