Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Can Hook'em and You Can Gig'em!

My cousin Renee is getting married in just a couple months so we kicked off the celebration with a couples wedding shower at my parent's lake house! The theme was 'House Divided, Soon to be United!' Renee went to UT and Robert went to A&M. The hosts are all Longhorns, so they had to ask Robert's family to help them with the Aggie decorations.

The garage was split down the middle, half Aggie and the other half Longhorn:

Upstairs they had Aggie and Longhorn cupcakes and collages of the couple in their respective 'gear.'

The happy couple

Davis was at the party too, he had a blast!

Ann Marie and the Father of the Bride

Right before Renee and Robert opened gifts, we surprised them with a FLASH MOB. The crazy thing is, we never practiced this as a group! The hostesses emailed everyone with a video and instructions. Here's how it turned out (p.s. somehow the lights got turned off and it's a bit dark in the video, but you get the idea). Make sure you check out Davis, he's in the front left!

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