Friday, August 5, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Turn 30

Turning 30 was an absolute blast!!!!!! I had no clue it could be so much fun!!!! Thanks to Forrest, my family and was an amazing weekend full of surprises and non-stop fun! We started the day off with a boat party on Lake Austin. Ann Marie and Kelly decided to decorate the boat with old, embarrassing photos of myself (thanks so much). They even put those lovely photos on the cake! We spent 4 hours out on the lake, swimming, jumping off the top of the boat (I'm sore), taking jello shots (holy cow, it had been a while), and enjoying the sun! From there, Forrest surprised me as we pulled up to the W Hotel (I was told we were staying with my sister). Everyone met us back at the hotel for a drink and then we headed to dinner, sushi at Maiko! Yum yum! From dinner we went to Kung Fu, a fun Austin bar with games! We spent most of our time playing Skee Ball! We ended the night back at the W Bar, danced a little to Michael Jackson, and finished off about 4 servings of french fries. I was spent (did I mention I wanted to go to bed after dinner?)! When my head hit the pillow (the most comfortable bed ever), I was out. Sleeping in isn't exactly something I can do anymore, so I was up at 6:15am. Luckily, we had no plans...other than a massage!!!! We managed to enjoy the spa and the pool before our 1pm checkout. Before heading back to San Antonio we were able to squeeze in lunch with friends at Maudies and a quick visit with Wills and Molly!


Ann Marie said...

What a weekend!! And Wills, Molly, and Davis are adorable!!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a blast!!! Happy birthday!!!