Friday, January 29, 2010


Last weekend we took Davis to the zoo for the first time! The SA Zoo is about 5 minutes from our house (crazy to think we practically live next door to a little piece of Africa) so the fact that we only stayed about an hour and a half didn't bother me. Plus, we have a year pass now, so it's a place we plan to visit often! Davis was precious in his zoo gear. It was a super sunny day so we covered his precious little fuzzy haired head with a hat and put on his sunglasses so he could clearly see the lions without squinting. I'm not sure how much Davis understood the concept of real elephants and crocodiles. I know he enjoyed the walk, he always loves being outside in his Baby Bjorn. One of his favorite Baby Einstein DVDs is called Baby Noah, it's about different animals, so I figured the zoo would be just as exciting. I think it might be too early for Davis to truly appreciate a real panther. The zoo didn't have the lively music and funny puppets like his DVD. But I'm glad we went, especially since Davis' DVD of all the animals shows cartoon animals. I don't want him to be too confused one day when he runs into a tiger, the real ones don't smile.