Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

We are busy busy this December, as I'm sure everyone is. I am way behind in getting Christmas gifts this year and it is stressing me out. BUT we did get one big thing accomplished super early this year, our tree! Knowing that we didn't have one free weekend in December, we got back from Thanksgiving and got our tree that weekend...let's just hope we can keep it alive! We were so early getting our tree that our favorite place, the Optimist Club, didn't even have their trees yet. But when you tell a 3 year old we are headed to get our tree, you have to get it. So we headed to Home Depot where we found a lovely tree!

Davis asked me..."Mom, what do we call the place where all the trees are?" I said, "The tree farm." He then said, "No, it's the Christmas tree pumpkin patch." Good point Davis!

Thinking about it...

This one! This one!

Davis loved the half dead tree

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