Tuesday, November 20, 2012

LA for the Day

I just got back from a girl's trip to Australia! My sister had to go for work, so my mom and I tagged along. It was a very last minute decision...and here's the lesson I learned: Don't let your passport expire! Mine expired in August and I was in no rush to get a new one. Four weeks before hopping a plane over the Pacific, my mom called and told me we were headed to Sydney. Luckily, the stars aligned and I was able to expedite my passport and it came in the mail the week before I left. Close call. 

The first day of our girl's trip was spent in LA during our 12 hour layover. Instead of hanging out at the airport, we left, checked into a hotel, and toured the city. We also had time to enjoy a workout, a hot shower, and a great dinner before our next flight! It was the perfect way to prepare for a loooong flight! 

Venice Beach

Farmer's Market

From LA, we headed to Fiji. Unfortunately, we did not have a 12 hour layover here. Just a quick stop for the plane to re-fuel. We were greeted by the lovely trio below and enjoyed stretching our legs!

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