Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Smokin' Good Tri

Last weekend we went to Kerrville for the inaugural "Smokin' Good Tri." First of all, I'm loving Kerrville. It's another one of those adorable little hill country cities with cute little shops and delicious little cafes. I had been before to visit some friends, but this trip, as I was biking through town, I really got to enjoy the charm of the city. Well, at least I tried to enjoy the charm as my legs were burning and my butt was needing a break from the bike seat.

My cousin, my mom, and my sister all joined me in the fun (it's easy to say it was fun once it's over). Friday night we arrived in Kerrville and enjoyed a great italian meal at Valentino's. If you ever go there, order the pizza! The next morning, we woke up to a very very chilly start. Thanks to the cold front it was a lovely 55 degrees. I couldn't wait for the sun to come up! We arrived at the transition to set up our gear about an hour before the race and tried to huddle close to get warm. My dad was there to cheer us on and I was seriously contemplating having a cup of coffee with him instead of getting in the water. I was dreaming of Uggs and a sweatshirt!

With a fall triathlon, the water is luckily still warm from the hot Texas summer. So actually starting the race, wasn't bad. The water was 77 degrees! The thing I was nervous about was getting out of the water and getting on a bike! Turns out, my body was in such shock from the cold, I barely noticed everything going numb!

This triathlon, I've decided, is my new favorite course! I was expecting many many many hills on the bike and run (hello, it's the HILL country) and was pleasantly surprised when I didn't run into any. I also really enjoyed this race because there were only about 200 other people racing (compared to thousands like other races I've done).

Thanks for cheering us on Dad!

My mom got 3rd place for her age group!

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