Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello Again...

Wow, is there a bad blogger award out there? I promise to try and make a come-back, but things have just been insane with our move.

We spent 6 weeks living with my in-laws and now we are living amongst boxes in our new home. Who has time for unpacking? We've been in our new house two weeks and haven't gotten very far. Our first weekend was spent in Austin at Forrest's best friend's wedding. Hopefully this weekend, we will hang a picture!

I can't wait to share some before and after pictures. This house, I don't believe, has been updated since it was built in 1977. Gotta love the palm tree wallpaper and brown appliances (that still work!!!). We knew we were getting into a big project with a new kitchen, new paint, and new bathroom tiles. What I wasn't expecting were all the little things that needed replacing, like door stops! Once the remodeling is done, I'll post pics. We still have kitchen counter tops and bathroom tiles coming and appliances that need installing (we are living on delivery and Lean Cuisines).

Onto a more exciting topic...Davis! In a tux! Walking down the aisle! We are so happy Brandon and Jordan asked Davis to be part of their wedding. He loves them both so much! They are currently enjoying a fabulous honeymoon and we keep watching re-runs of Davis at the wedding. When Davis was in my cousin's wedding, about a year ago, I was so sad we didn't get a video of Davis walking down the aisle. So for this wedding, I asked my parents to discretely film him with their iPhone. Enjoy!

Brandon & Jordan's Wedding from Christina Thompson on Vimeo.

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