Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

I took the day off work last week to spend the entire day with my mom for her birthday...basically shopping, pampering, and eating! Oh it was so much fun! 

We started out at Nordstroms then took a break from shopping and enjoyed a cup of tea and a bag of chips for breakfast (what every birthday girl should do). Then we met my dad for lunch at Mandola's and he had this delicious cake waiting for my mom. We had a slice of cake before eating lunch! 

After lunch we walked next door to Embellish, a fabulous nail salon!! We drank champagne and ate chocolates while enjoying the pampering! 

Then it was off to continue our shopping...we hit up Bee Hive (an Austin favorite of mine, you must go) and then to the Domain. It had been raining all day, so the Domain wasn't ideal, but there was a surprise waiting for my mom that night, so I had to get her there! We spent the afternoon trying to find a new purse for my mom...and mission accomplished! 

Surprise! All my mom's friends were waiting for her at Gloria's for drinks and appetizers. 

My cousin Michael! I'm so proud, check out that uniform! 

My dad wore this hat ALL day!
Where was Ann Marie, you ask?!? She was working in Dubai that week. We missed her!

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