Friday, March 9, 2012

For Annie

We have a bunch of Annie's in our family due to the fact that we have three Ann Marie's. I call my grandmother Annie and Davis calls my mom Annie. My sweet sister, Ann Marie, isn't a grandparent yet (hmm thank goodness) but I'm sure the day will come when she will also be called Annie. I believe all the Annie's are destined to be just as fun as the one I grew up with!

Annie is from Houston, raised 5 kids, has 13 grandkids, and 4 (one on the way) great grandkids. Age has nothing on Annie. When someone says she's young at heart...that is an understatement...not only is she young at heart but this woman could run a marathon. She's in shape, a social butterfly, babysits, rodeos, plays bridge, loves book-club, and is very involved in the community.
Davis with Annie in Houston

Davis and Annie at Cheesecake Factory

At our home in San Antonio celebrating Davis' baptism.

Girl's trip to NYC in April 2010

Lajitas trip July 2011

Texas A&M Tailgate November 2011

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