Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Wagon

I'm sure you all remember you're little red wagon? A red wagon is a staple item for any child. I remember ours. It was a metal red wagon with a black handle. I used to sell Girl Scout Cookies to all the neighbors, pulling the cookies behind me in my wagon. Well Davis has a wagon too! Nana and Pop gave it to him for Christmas and we decided to try it out this weekend. Sunday was the most beautiful day, it was sunny and 75! I think we spent the entire day outside. While Daddy washed the cars, Davis and I played in the driveway. Because he's now sitting up on his own (oops, meant to post that milestone about a month ago), I strapped him into his wagon. He loved it! His wagon is a little more advanced and child-friendly than the one I had. His is plastic, with seats, cup-holders, and a door!

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